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Semi-trailer truck MPG | Fuel Mileage | Best Fuel Mileage

best mileage

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Tractor-trailers/Semi-trailer trucks at best get about 8 miles per gallon with the newer rigs. Some older rigs still only get around 2 to 3 miles per gallon!

Diesel Fuel Savings: The extra fuel mileage and efficiency comes from Fuel and Tank Solutions's patented synthetic and organic formula that is completely bio-degradable. This formula cleans the fuel, disperses all water, and reduces harmful emissions.

Fuel Mileage: The extra fuel mileage and efficiency comes from Fuel and Tank Solutions's patented synthetic and organic formula that is completely bio-degradable. This formula cleans the fuel, disperses all water, and reduces harmful emissions.

Best Fuel Mileage: The best fuel mileage recorded while using Fuel and Tank Solutions has been up to 22% with an annual saving of 25% when calculating the fewer maintenance expenditures

Best Diesel Fuel Mileage: Better MPG or fuel milage for diesel engines can be achived when using Fuel and Tank Solutions fuel additive.


Fuel Mileage Article:

Diesel Fuel Mileage and Savings

Fuel Direct is in fact committed to presenting finer petrol performance modern technology to enhance mileage, controlling harmful emissions, and enhancing the lifespan of many gasoline and diesel engines.

Try Fuel and Tank Solutions Fuel Improvers as well as attain cleaner atmosphere and better fuel productivity.

Start saving some cash the next time you fill up

Together with the cost of gasoline as well as diesel fuel increasing and of course the value of repairing a car or truck escalating, drivers tend to be demanding verified, green trustworthy approaches to reduce your costs towards the pump and increase the life of their motors. Fuel and Tank Solutions you will discover specialized caliber fuel enhancer made out of a blend of synthetic resins as well as organic and natural formulations. Fuel and Tank Solutions gets results successfully in all types of gasoline and diesel fuels, and also has shown to scale down fuel consumption, up keep costs, as well as lower hazardous emissions.

Proven and tested overall performance with every single tank

Standard documentation ever since 1989
Provides more than $3 billion every year commercially – you know it really works
and in no way has it harmed a single engine – put it to use with full conviction
100% eco-friendly – Fuel and Tank Solutions is without question safe in favor of earth
Literally costs individuals thousands annually To not purchase Fuel and Tank Solutions

Formulated to further improve the performance of your vehicles

Improves combustion to increase engine performance
Cleaner and healthier operating engine
Decreases corrosion to further improve the life span of your own engine
Disperses water with respect to better operating engine
Improves engine starting and inhibits pre-ignition
Improves the stability, lubricity and detergency regarding fuel
Helps stop fuel gelling and freezing

Remain Green. Drive Clean.

Will decrease quantities of hazardous emissions
Fuel and Tank Solutions is a mixing of manufactured resins and organic chemicals
Contains no alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha
wholly bio-degradable
Environmentally friendly

The primary function of the diesel engine is without question it's own fuel injection equipment and the substantial enemy of this type of equipment is poor condition diesel fuel and naturally the intrinsic question of condensation build up that all diesel engines struggle with. Our Fuel and Tank Solutions fuel additive dissipates all of the moisture that forms in the tank. There is no other fuel additive able to do the same. With just a few tank fills while operating our own diesel fuel additive can reverse build up of unclean fuel that gums up your engines fuel injectors. This could easily enhance your engines life while you are improving your fuel mileage by nearly 22%. The benefits and advantages certainly out way the cost of our fuel additive, reducing up-keep costs while you are leaving your very own engine cleaner with fewer journeys to the auto technician.

Even though average tractor-trailer fuel mileage is approximately 7 to 8 miles per gallon (MPG) and may not seem impressive, it's actually a immense improvement over older styles that hardly noticed better than 2 to 3 MPG. Per 100,000 miles a rig at present may go through over 12,000 gallons of fuel. At $4 for each gallon it without a doubt will cost just one trucker $48,000 in fuel per each 100,000 miles. With a 20% increase in fuel mileage your financial savings could actually exceed $9,600. To treat 12,000 gallons you'd need to fork out about $900 in our Fuel and Tank Solutions Fuel additive. We could safely express we would save thousands annually, each and every tractor-trailer. In the event that you have a fleet of trucks, you now see the bottom line cash saved.

Green Energy Solutions Anyone Can Benefit From

Recently, a lot of information and writing has been done online in regards to green technology and green energy. The information in this article will help you sort out what is good for your needs, and what is not. This article will provide you with some basic information that can get you started down the road to using green energy in your own home.

If you want to live greener and have a greener home, avoid running electric heaters during the winter. You can invest in warmer clothes and take advantage of your fireplace or pellet stove in order to heat your living areas. You want to remember that sleeping in cooler air is better for your breathing, and it also prevents the airways from becoming dry.

If possible, switch the old windows in your home with newer, energy-efficient ones. These windows reduce energy costs, makes your home quieter, releases less carbon dioxide, and your windows will acquire less condensation.

Take advantage of solar energy to heat your home's water without breaking the bank. Look into hot water systems that run by solar power. Two types are available, direct and indirect. The indirect system is best if you don't want to worry about your pipes freezing in the winter.

Use your ceiling fan in the winter. When you change their rotation to clockwise, they move warm air from the ceiling downward, and that keeps the air in the room a little warmer. That reduces the demand placed on heating appliances like a furnace. It takes a minimal amount of electricity to run ceiling fans, especially when compared to running your furnace.

Examine your insulation to see if you can improve the warmth of your home without increasing your heating costs. Older homes, especially those more than 30 years old, are probably not adequately insulated. Insulating is a good investment. Adding an extra coat of insulation allows you to keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills.

Avoid turning the heat up in your home unless you have to. If you are feeling cold, add a layer of clothing instead of reaching for the thermostat. When your heat is running it uses more energy than necessary.

Although there is much information out there about how to go green, the tips here are a great place to start. These tips are easy and affordable means of incorporating simple changes to your house that will yield great results for both you and the environment. Both your family and the environment will benefit from these changes.

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